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Otto Gustav Carlsund

Improve Government With Algorithms - Without Politicians

The most abused cliche in politics is the concept of 'change,' yet a young movement among academics and techno-scientists seeks to overhaul the current system with a computerized, politician-minimal alternative. Algorithmic governance is a radical, digital reimagining of government centred on computerized processes. Algorithms -- which already have many applications like sorting incoming emails and controlling traffic lights -- would be unified to create a governing network. Algorithmic government may sound far-fetched, but it is already happening in smaller, more localized ways.

Ford's Huge Investment In Canada

TORONTO - Ford's investment in the Oakville plant west of Toronto is creating hope among union members and industry watchers that more jobs may come to Canada as demand for cars rebounds to pre-recess...

Ford Canada Has Best August In 23 Years

Sales of new cars and trucks in August were up from a year ago with the Big Three automakers from Detroit posting strong gains amid uncertain consumer confidence and a fragile economic recovery.Overal...