When Will Canada Ditch The 'Naked' Scans?

Canadian airports are still using the so-called naked full body scan images being removed from airports in the United States because the three-dimensional images are considered too revealing. But tha...

The Week That Was: A Presidential "Coming Out"

Happy Mother's Day! Or as it may be, Happy Mothers Day! When Barack Obama became the first U.S. president to endorse gay marriage on Wednesday, his newly announced stance changed the gay-rights debate overnight -- and not just in the States. Many progressive Canadians expressed pride that same-sex marriage is already legal in Canada. But what does this mean for those who oppose same-sex marriage? Indeed, does it make you a bigot to hold the view of marriage that President Obama espoused until this week?

Feds Collecting Too Much Data On Air Passengers?

The federal government is collecting too much information on airline passengers and is not doing enough to safeguard it, the privacy commissioner said in her annual report to Parliament on Thursday....