G20 Protest


You Can't Mask Canada's Pathetic Protest Movement

In recent memory, I can think of only three serious, rock-'em-sock-'em demonstrations in Canada. It's not as though Canadians are lacking for things to protest about. It's just that our national preference (outside Quebec, at least) is to avoid conflict whenever possible. And, I suppose, we've probably become too comfortable, perhaps even lazy, about tackling issues that don't have direct or immediate implications for us.

You Can Protest, But Don't Wear a Mask

In a move that comes with an unsettling brand of legislative style, tongue-in-cheek humor, the Canadian government passed a bill on Halloween that aims to outlaw masked protestors during riots or "unlawful assemblies." In a way, it's not surprising. Canada has had a tricky few years for riots and protest related carnage. Evidently, this catch-all legislation that sets out to ban masks from any protest that the government or the police designate as illegal, is an imprecise knee-jerk reaction to the growing problem of violent protests in Canada.