Giles Coren

Sex and Soup in the City

The jewel in a mixed crown was Soupe et Cie, where a gushing grande dame "d'une certaine age" held giggling court over two rooms around an open kitchen on a cool foodie street reminiscent of the hipper parts of San Francisco, and as excited by her beautiful staff as she is about her energetic and original menu.
Giles Coren

Newfoundland: Real Food Rockstars

If nothing had prepared me for Newfoundland then nothing could prepare anyone for Raymond's, a very refined restaurant in a handsome old high-ceilinged building (I think probably a former bank) which is not just the best restaurant in St John's but is probably one of the best restaurants in the world.
Giles Coren

Introducing the Million Dollar Critic

For the last few weeks I have been travelling around Canada and the United States, dipping into cities I like the look of and eating in as many restaurants as I can and then deciding upon one, and only one, that will get my review - my supposed 'Million Dollar Review' - here in the Huffington Post and on television in my new show on W Network, "Million Dollar Critic."