Governor General


America's Next Top Monarch

In Canada, all this royalty obsession is good for the economy. Every time one of the royals weds, births, divorces or dies, we devote scads of media coverage to the event. Plus our kitsch sellers generate huge revenues importing endless royal memorabilia from China. So maybe it's time for America to monarch up and get on the lucrative royalty bandwagon.

A Visit From the Governor General Can Make All the Difference

Her Excellency Sharon Johnston, wife of the Governor General of Canada's teenage audience members were victims of sexual abuse participating in an after-school art therapy program that helps them open up and talk. It's one of the many programs at Stepping Stones International -- a small organization working with orphaned and vulnerable youth in Botswana.
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Who's In Charge of This Country, Anyway?

As Mike Duffy's senatorial career implosion peaked this week, I was left wondering if all was really as it appeared, or if something far more complex was taking place. If Duffy -- and Wallin, and Brazeau, and others -- are part of a some plan to discredit the Senate to the point that all citizens demand its abolition.

Governor General Won't Show

OTTAWA - The Governor General won't attend this Friday's meeting with the prime minister and First Nations leaders.A spokesman for David Johnston says he won't be there because the gathering is a work...

Harper Reinvents Political Appointments

OTTAWA - The Conservative government is creating a new advisory committee to help it choose candidates for vice regal appointments such as the governor general.A release from the Prime Minister's Offi...

Order of Canada Celebration was (Sadly) Lacking Order

Six hundred Order of Canada medallists gathered at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto on June 18 to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. The medalists, or a goodly portion of them, had 60 years of achievements under their belts. There was a profusion of canes in attendance, as well as walkers and wheelchairs. But the organizers of this event seem not to have expected it.