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To Stop the Spread of Ebola, We Need Better Airport Screening

The Canada Border Services Agency works with the Public Health Agency of Canada to ensure infections are kept out of the country, as prescribed by the Quarantine Act. Last year, during the height of the Ebola worry, the Public Health Agency of Canada strengthened its use of the Act to help prevent any importation of the virus. For a public concerned about the introduction or emergence of a particular pathogen such as Ebola, an increased security presence is always welcome.

There's a Killer Flu Out There, and We're Not Prepared

Influenza can be a weapon of mass destruction. The latest candidate worth worrying about is H7N9. It jumped from birds to humans earlier this year. Of the 137 people known to have been infected, 45 died. There's no evidence that H7N9 spreads among humans. On the other hand, it wouldn't surprise any of the experts if H7N9 learns how to jump from person to person and mutates into a fast-moving mass murderer.
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What Do We Know About H7N9?

Answers to some of the puzzling questions about the new H7N9 flu virus may be coming into view, the World Health Organization's top flu expert said Wednesday following the conclusion of a mission to C...

Hong Kong On High Alert For Bird Flu

Hong Kong is stepping up its surveillance of people and poultry in response to the growing number of cases of avian flu in neighbouring mainland China. Enhanced poultry testing measures, including mo...

B.C. Alert Issued After Bird Flu Deaths

VICTORIA - Health officials in B.C. are on alert after the latest bird flu outbreak in China has killed six people.Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall says health authorities are working with...

New Virus May Have Adapted To Mammals

The new flu virus that has exploded onto the global radar is already showing signs that it is adapting to mammals, suggesting what was once a bird virus is now probably spreading in a mammalian host,...