A Morbidly Obese Cabinet With A Singular Focus: The 2015 Election

With the addition of the Honourable Erin O'Toole as the Minister of Veterans' Affairs, the current federal cabinet has ballooned to 40 members, tying the largest cabinet in Canadian history--that of also "conservative" Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney. The necessity of a federal cabinet ballooning to 40 members is unclear to me. The United States, a country with a population almost nine times that of Canada, seems to get by with a trim assemblage of 16 cabinet secretaries. Current cabinets serve only political purposes. At 40 members, it is simply too large and cumbersome to be a deliberative body.

New Ministers Given 'Enemy' Lists

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office asked staff to include a list of "friend and enemy stakeholders" in their transition binders for new ministers appointed in Monday's cabinet...

Ethics Watchdog To Review Shakeup

The federal ethics commissioner will be reviewing the files of 27 cabinet members as a result of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's shakeup. Mary Dawson's office will take a look at all of the...

Harper Tweets The Cabinet Shuffle

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Twitter feed released details of the government's cabinet shuffle Monday morning before holding a more formal news conference on the shake-up. Harper's Twitter account...

LIVE UPDATES: Harper's Cabinet Shuffle

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will announce his long-awaited summer cabinet shuffle Monday. The team he names -- which will boast younger faces and more women -- will help the government navigate the...

Harper Shells Out For His New Cabinet

OTTAWA (CP) - Tightening a belt is tricky when you have to wrap it around 39 people. Stephen Harper's biggest cabinet ever will have to do some sucking in of its collective gut if the Conservatives ar...