Herman Van Rompuy


Feds Spent $121K On Canada-EU Reception

The federal government spent $121,454 on a Toronto reception for leaders of the European Union in September — a reception which, in turn, led Prime Minister Stephen Harper to offer his guests a $338,0...

Harper, EU Leaders: It's A Done Deal

OTTAWA - European Union leaders said Friday their major trade agreement with Canada has the backing of all 28 EU countries as they firmly dismissed concerns that some European countries might scuttle...

Nigel Farage: European Parliament's Attack Dog

To Nigel Farage, the "obsession" of EU members to create a European state means they are "happy to destroy democracy... who the hell do you think you people are? You are very, very dangerous people." Agree with Farage or not (I'm inclined to), he's refreshingly fearless and articulate.

A 'True European Economic Government'

PARIS - The leaders of France and Germany called Tuesday for greater economic discipline and unity among European nations but declined to take immediate financial measures seen by many investors as th...