High-Fructose Corn Syrup


Debunking 3 Sugar Myths

These days many would consider "sugar" a bad word. The basis for such thinking is flawed, and the important thing to note is that sugar, in any of its forms, is not the enemy of our diets. Just like everything else, sugar needs to be consumed in moderation. It doesn't make sense to completely eliminate sugar from our diet.

Endorsing Pepsi? Are You Kidding Me Beyoncé?

When I recently read that superstar Beyoncé, a role model to millions, especially her legions of young fans, signed a 50 million dollar deal with Pepsi, I was compelled to speak up. A lifestyle brand! Seriously? Do celebrities have a moral responsibility to talk their talk and walk their walk? I believe they do.

Where We Might Be Without Bees

New evidence about what might be wiping out our bee population points to the neonicotinoid pesticide used to soak conventionally raised corn seeds. Here is why you should care: without bees, there is no pollination. Without pollination, plants that are grown for food, as well as trees and shrubs to keep our planet cool, are at risk.