Q&A With Sunny Uppal

During the Asian Heritage Month in Canada, The Historica-Dominion Institute hosted an event that focused on the children of first-generation Asian Canadian immigrants. Sunny Uppal was one of its two speakers. Here is his story.

#NewHeritageMinutes Ideas On Twitter

Remember the Heritage Minutes, those endearing shorts that highlighted dramatic (and sometimes, not so dramatic) moments in Canadian history? The Historica Dominion Institute, the organization that c...

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On June 18, 200 years ago, the United States signed a declaration of war against Great Britain, pitting itself against British forces mostly in Upper and Lower Canada. The U.S. had grown weary of Brit...

Would You Pass a Citizenship Test?

If we don't ask more of our citizens when it comes to knowledge of heritage and government we can't expect them to participate meaningfully in either. And the burden of cultivating a vibrant civic culture and a Canadian identity (that tricky, ever-evasive idea of "Canadianness") falls disproportionately to our newest inductees.