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RECIPE: Super Holiday Nog -- Minus the Egg

Egg nog is gross. Really gross. It is made of cream, sugar, spices and traditionally, raw eggs. For many of you, this might still sound like an amazing holiday treat. For me, it sounds like the makings of a massive hork-worthy-throat-phlegm-wad. Now, my recipe uses Irish Moss (also known as Sea Moss), to give it that creamyness and this super sea veggie actually has the absolute opposite effect.

Eight Easy Detox Strategies to Ward Off a Cold

Every single year we know that this is cold and flu season and instead of doing what we need to do, we just sit and wait for it plough us over. It's the germ that gets us but our own terrain that sets the stage to welcome in the germ. There are some crazy simple things we can start doing now to help ward off the autumn cold so that instead of calling in sick, we can call in healthy and go out and play.

Giving Your Kid Diet Coke For Breakfast

I am all for people making the decisions that best suit their needs, but what happens when they start imposing their decisions, ones that may not be in the name of health and optimal brain functioning, on their children? Like giving them a Coke a day. Kids don't need a sugar caffeine cocktail. Neither do adults.

Make Over Your Kitchen (And Your Eating Habits!)

Just like cleaning out the clutter in your closet, you need to remove the junk food from your cupboards and fridge. While you may think they make your life happier or healthier, I can assure you that most things in your cupboard are only sabotaging your food image!