Hostage Iran

From Iranian Prison to Outdoor Wedding

I recently attended the wedding for Sarah and Shane, with Josh as their best man and witnessing the vision they had more than two years ago, while still held hostage in Iran, was as surreal as their capture and captivity. The contrast was dramatic: ALL outdoors with their ceremony and reception in a field surrounded by mountains, followed by brunch the next day on a beach overlooking the crashing waves of the Pacific ocean.

The Iranian Who Freed U.S. Hostages is Now Hostage Himself

I felt a kinship with lawyer Masoud Shafii because I can sense he is driven by the same conviction I am when fighting for Iranian hostages to be free. To punish him, the Iranian regime has confiscated his passport. He cannot travel freely and is prohibited him from practicing law. The time has come for us to speak out and tell the Iranian regime that we will not stand by while they commit injustices to this courageous defender of justice.