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The Week in Review: Tweets from Space and Pitbull Problems

This week, Huff Post Canada's own Rebecca Zamon put the reading habits of mere mortals to shame by sharing the 52 (yes, I did say 52) books she read in 2012. And we're not talking coffee-table photo collections, here. Meanwhile, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield gave us a sense of perspective with a set of photos Tweeted from space. And back on Earth, a series of pitbull attacks in Calgary reignited the ongoing debate about the efficacy and wisdom of dog-breed bans. Are all pitbulls just too inherently dangerous to trust ? And if so, is legally outlawing an entire breed the way to handle the problem?

The Best HuffPost Canada Blogs Of 2012

Our blog rail often feels like an eclectic dinner party where celebrities, politicians, students and any Canadian with an intelligent opinion gather around the same table. Almost every day this year we have read about how different people view government, public figures, other cultures and their own lives. Taken on their own, each blog might seem underwhelming. After all, it is just one person's opinion, and your crazy Aunt Edna has no shortage of those. But when we publish these insights, arguments and confessions on our platform, often something special happens. Often these blogs become fire crackers, igniting a national conversation.

Sunday Roundup: In Your FACE 2012!

As you boot up your computer bleary-eyed this morning, groping about for your cup of coffee, I'm going to be that peppy friend across the table who is just so GOSH DARN EXCITED it's the new year! And do you know WHY I'm so excited?! (C'mon ask me, ask me!!)Because it's the first new year you can start your day with The Huffington Post CANADA. YES! How sweet is that, eh? Canada news, Canada blogs, Canada celebs, Canada style, cute Canadian kitties on YouTube...