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Harper's International Victory

Over a 20-year period, the term of the lease now being renewed by ICAO and Quebec/Canada, ICAO will generate several billion dollars of revenue for the city of Montreal. This is a fight that Harper had to win. And he, Baird and the whole Team Montreal, won decisively. A huge international victory.

Qatar Drops Bid

Qatar's decision to drop its bid to bring the International Civil Aviation Organization's headquarters to Doha from Montreal was the result of hard work and intense lobbying on the part of three level...

Qatar's Big Mistake? Messing WIth Stephen Harper

The headquarters of The International Civil Aviation Organization ("ICAO") has been located in Montreal since 1946. Now, the upstart oil-rich kingdom of Qatar wants to move the ICAO head office to its own country. These oil sheiks have a lot of chutzpah. But respect for civil and workers' rights? Not so much.

An iPad Passport? Why Not?

If the United States already accepts passport cards and EDLs as passport alternatives for border crossing to Canada, couldn't other options be explored to allow our border security personnel to quickly confirm traveler identities, using convenient devices many of us carry with us every day?