Immigration Law


New Laws Used In Big Bust

OTTAWA - The hunt is on for 45 Romanian adults and children smuggled into Canada.Government officials said Wednesday the missing are among 85 people who entered the country illegally at intervals stre...

Above All, Bill C-31 Hurts Children

On Wednesday June 27 Bill C-31: Protecting Canada's Immigration Act was cleared through the Senate leaving a stain on our country's immigration and refugee protection system, a system that we as Canadians could once be proud of. With the passage of this bill, several principles which have defined us as Canadians for decades have now been compromised and our world's most vulnerable populations will now have to pay the price.

Canada Under Bill C-31 Is Not the Place I Found Refuge

My greatest fear is that one day Canadians, as fair-minded as they may be, will close their doors to other refugees. Bill C-31 -- Protecting Canada's Immigration System Act -- is now in the Senate where it will be studied and debated. Not only is this bill unconstitutional and inconsistent with Canada's international obligations, it will change the face of Canada as we know it.

Dreams Sunk By Immigration Changes

"I seriously don't understand why this could happen, you know?" Over the phone, Kathy Sun describes how she's been waiting in Canada's immigration queue for 4½ years, since fall of 2007. The senior...