Indian Residential Schools

Want to Know About Residential Schools? Talk to Survivors

Canadians have learned a good deal about the Indian Residential School System, and much of what is not today known may never be known, precisely because the records are gone. What we do however have is the ample and rich experiences of living aboriginal people, and it is on these experiences and these voices that most of my own work has been based.

"This Is the Face of a Homegrown, Attempted Genocide"

Aboriginal children are the face of a homegrown, attempted genocide. And tehy are still starving -- many living in poverty without the basic necessities of life, because land and resources continue to be stolen from their territories, with just as many starving for meaning, their culture, their language and their land. The children of those that survived the nutritional experiments, torture, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, and the assimilative and genocidal policies of Canada still live with the consequences and the trauma. Every day. There are more Native children in the child welfare system than were in the residential school system at its height because of the cycles of violence and trauma they inflicted on our families.
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Never Forget

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. - One of the commissioners hearing the stories of residential school survivors says the information will be preserved to ensure it is never forgotten.Marie Wilson says part of the...