Islamic State Of Iraq And The Levant


Muslims Stand Against ISIS, Too

A friend told me recently that the horrific conduct of ISIS -- Islamic State in Iraq and Syria -- has left many people with the impression that all Muslims are like ISIS. However, a simple Google search reveals the Muslim response to ISIS.

Canada To Move Weapons Into Iraq

OTTAWA - Two of Canada's military cargo planes will soon be ferrying weapons to Kurdish forces in northern Iraq — and the Harper government sounds prepared to do even more to counter the "barbarous at...

Harper Offers Obama 'Additional Help'

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper expressed strong support for U.S. airstrikes in Iraq during a telephone conversation Tuesday with President Barack Obama.The two leaders talked about the latest developments in...

Syrian Getaway Cut Short At Border

SEATTLE - A California man who spoke of wanting to bomb the Los Angeles subway system was arrested near the Canadian border in Washington state and charged with attempting to travel to Syria to fight...