You Pick Toronto's Top Story Of 2011

CBC Toronto viewers have chosen the death of Jack Layton and the subsequent outpouring of grief across the city and country as the top Toronto news story of 2011. Given a choice of five big stories t...

NDP Sees Surge After Layton Death: Poll

OTTAWA - Jack Layton's untimely death has triggered another orange wave across the country, a new poll suggests.The Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey pegs support for Layton's NDP at 33 per cent — t...
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Politics of Generosity

I guess there are those out there who dismiss all that Jack Layton stood for as pie-in-the-sky fantasy, naïve, granola-crunchy utopianism. For them, inclusiveness, generosity, equality, justice, fairness and respect are all either not achievable or desirable.

A Belated Note From Jack Layton's Mourning Chaff

I suppose crying over Jack's death makes me a member of what Christie Blatchford called "the mourning chaff;" those who make a spectacle out of a death they weren't affected by. I dislike this idea of a mourning hierarchy. This isn't a game of Who's the Saddest. This idea undermines how he affected Canadians.

Solidarity -- From Lech to Jack

My support of the NDP reflects my sentiment for what I grew up with: a pro-democratic movement that began in 1980 and managed to topple communism in 1989. I come from the country that had its own Jack, complete with defiant moustache and charisma.

NDP Leadership Race Heating Up

OTTAWA - Just two days after mourning Jack Layton at a state funeral, jockeying has begun among potential contenders to succeed the fallen NDP leader.Party president Brian Topp was the first New Democ...