Chretien: Iraq Mission 'A Done Deal'

OTTAWA - Former prime minister Jean Chretien says the federal government's decision to send special forces to northern Iraq to help fight an extremist group could pull Canada into further commitments...

Why Maxime Bernier is Consistently Wrong

One could wonder how the 1980 and 1995 referendums would have turned out with a Joe Clark or a Preston Manning as Prime Minister rather than Pierre Trudeau or Jean Chrétien. One could point out that Madame Marois was elected in 2012 through denouncing the Harper government's ultraconservative policies. One could well denounce the unilateralism, lack of dialogue and boondoggles that marked federal-provincial relations under Harper, as well as the Conservative government's hodge-podge of ill-advised political decisions with respect to health, justice, training, old age security, immigration... decisions which are proving costly to the provinces.

Chretien Scores New Job

MONTREAL - Former prime minister Jean Chretien has a new job.Chretien, who turned 80 last month, will work in the Ottawa law office of Dentons Canada.The former Liberal leader was among those thrown o...

Old Rivals FINALLY Bury The Hatchet

OTTAWA - Old partisan and leadership rivals are putting aside their differences to pay tribute to Jean Chretien at a star-studded event organizers hope heralds a new era of civility in politics in gen...

A Troubling 2013 for Justin Trudeau's Liberals

Trudeau has been completely unable to define the Liberal Party or Trudeau brand under his leadership. On second thought, in Trudeau's first eight months as Liberal leader, he has said a lot. He just hasn't said the right things to make him worthy of leading this country.