Jeffrey Delisle


Toews Mum About CSIS Silence On Delisle

OTTAWA - Public Safety Minister Vic Toews won't say why Canada's spy agency stood back and let the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation brief the RCMP about navy spy Jeffrey Delisle.Toews came under f...

CSIS Knew Of Spy's Pilfering

OTTAWA - Canada's spy agency clandestinely watched a navy officer pass top secret information to Russia for months without briefing the RCMP — a previously unknown operation that raises questions abou...
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Are You a Dual Citizen? Kenney's Got Plans for You

If you are a Canadian citizen who holds any other citizenship, you should know that the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration is pushing to pass a law that would render you a second class citizen. You may not feel threatened by this bill as you may never see yourself in a position where you would be accused of committing acts of terror or war, but this bill is declaring your citizenship to be worth less than your fellow Canadian.


OTTAWA - Former naval officer Jeffrey Delisle, who spied for the Russians, was stripped of his commission, his service decorations and kicked out of the military Wednesday.National Defence also announ...

$72,000 For Selling Canada's Secrets?

HALIFAX - Lawyers arguing the case of a disgraced naval officer who sold military secrets to Russia gave conflicting accounts of the damage his treachery did to Canada's foreign relations, with one re...

Canada Learned About Navy Spy From U.S.

The news that Sub-Lt Jeffrey Delisle, the Canadian naval officer who pleaded guilty to spying in October, could have been caught earlier — as information from seach warrants obtained by CBC suggests —...

Spy Will Keep His Rank And Salary

Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Paul Delisle, who has pleaded guilty to selling military secrets to Russia, still holds his rank and receives a salary, the Department of National Defence confirmed to CBC News. But t...

The Spy Who Pleaded Guilty

HALIFAX - A Canadian naval officer pleaded guilty to espionage Wednesday, five years after a Crown lawyer said he walked into the Russian embassy, offered up military secrets for money and began a rel...

Accused Canadian Spy Back In Court

HALIFAX - The lawyer for a Canadian navy intelligence officer accused of spying says he has to wade through thousands of documents — many of them blacked out — before determining how to proceed with t...

Spying Trial Delayed

HALIFAX - The case of a Halifax navy intelligence officer accused of espionage has been adjourned until next month because his lawyer has not yet received all of the files in the case.Mike Taylor, who...

Spying Trial Resumes

HALIFAX - The case of a Halifax navy intelligence officer accused in a case of espionage returns to court today.Sub-Lt. Jeffrey Delisle is charged with communicating information that could harm nation...

Canada Should Make an Example out of Jeffrey Delisle

Accused of spying for Russia, Canadian RCN Sub-Lieutenant Jeffrey Delisle's next court appearance is May 8. The charges against Delisle are the first since the Information Security Act came into effect after 9/11. If guilty, Delisle is treasonous and deserves whatever sentence he may get.