John Diefenbaker


The Opposition Has The Worst Job In Alberta Politics

Danielle Smith, as the leader of the Opposition, has the privilege of being the leader of the government-in-waiting without having access to the levers of power that she needs to make things happen. It's her job to point out the idiocy of the government's legislation, its policies and, all too frequently, its misconduct.


TORONTO - Twice-married former Canadian prime minister John Diefenbaker — always believed to have been childless — may have fathered not one but two sons, leaving progeny scattered across the country,...
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John Diefenbaker: Kennedy's Canadian Nemesis

Former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker's biggest sin against history was that he didn't like John Kennedy and Kennedy didn't like him. And since Kennedy has been all but canonized in Western culture, that is the unpardonable crime. Kennedy wanted Canada to nuke up. Diefenbaker didn't.

Why The World Needs More Canada

For us Canadians, the wisdom of our government to be involved in the affairs of the world is our collective priority and is still how the world envisions Canada to be. The world has always noted our efforts and indeed -- as Bono reminded us a decade ago -- "the world needs more Canada".

Diefenbaker Home Needs Help

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. - The Prince Albert Historical Society in Saskatchewan is looking for money to help renovate the home of Canada's 13th prime minister.John George Diefenbaker lived in the two-stor...

'Diefenbaby' Says He Has New Proof

George Dryden says he is going to change his name to George Diefenbaker.The Toronto man, who has been searching for months for evidence that he is the son of John Diefenbaker, revealed Wednesday a dir...

Tories Object to Their Own Stalling Tactics

The Government is too often using motions to stifle debate in the House of Commons, as they did this week with the gun registry. Parliamentary debate is essential in a democracy and yes, at times it is inconvenient for the party in power as it delays the passage of legislation, but that is what opposition parties do.

Diefenbaker's Long-Lost Son?

TORONTO - Genetic tests a man had hoped would prove former prime minister John Diefenbaker was his father have proven inconclusive.The tests done on swabs from artifacts at the Diefenbaker Centre in S...