John Tory 2014


Tory Aims To Modernize Toronto

Toronto Mayor John Tory is optimistic about what he'll be able to accomplish in his new job, but admits there are parts of life at city hall that have been "immensely frustrating." Jus...

Tory Promises 'Fresh New Era'

TORONTO - A former CFL chairman and telecommunications executive who left the world of business for politics only to fall flat in both municipal and provincial elections could finally achieve his goal...

Ford Touts Tory's 'Endorsement'

Doug Ford taunted a key mayoral rival on Tuesday, highlighting an "endorsement" John Tory offered during the last municipal election — one his opponent acknowledged, but said was proven to be rooted i...

Tory's Plan Under Increasing Scrutiny

John Tory may be leading the race to become Toronto's next mayor, but his transit plan is under increasing scrutiny with three weeks to go in the campaign. Tory's SmartTrack plan calls for 53 kilometr...
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Ford's Drunken Stupors Are His Greatest Strength

Hopefully by now we all grasp the concept that Rob Ford maintains his 47 per cent approval rating as much because of his personal flaws as in spite of them. If you're part of the Ford Nation rainbow coalition of indigent immigrants and lower-class suburban whites, chances are you see an awful lot of yourself in the man. Uncomplicated class appeal is not the only reason for Ford's popularity, of course. But it's certainly reason enough to remain bullish on the man's chances for re-election.