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Toronto Taxpayers Deserve Transparency in the 2024 Olympic Bid Process

Premier Wynne and Mayor Tory refuse to say whether or not Toronto will be bidding on the Games. Wynne and Tory fall back on the line that there are still a "lot of questions" about a possible Olympic bid, and that time is needed to answer those questions. The fact that the politicians leading the Olympic charge are saying questions remain so late in the game should raise eyebrows. The smart money says that they have been planning on filing the bid letter all along, but have been keeping taxpayers in the dark. The truth is that the city has been looking into the 2024 Olympics for years.

Black Voices Don't Matter to John Tory

In a world, where reasonable black outrage and passion, is still viewed as militant and fringe, none of these voices mattered for John Tory since he became mayor last year. It is just unfortunate it took four years for the black community to be listened to and mere days for the "other" voice.
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Top 7 Reasons to Appreciate Toronto

I was recently in Toronto to interview John Tory, the 65th and current mayor of my adoptive hometown. Thinking about my return to New York, I couldn't help but make comparisons. An age-old saying came to mind. "The grass is always greener on the other side." In my case, was it greener on the other side of the border?

Tory Won't Help DoFo Pay Off Debts

Mayor John Tory has previously helped sitting mayors and mayoral candidates get out of debt after costly election campaigns, but has so far refused to help his former opponent Doug Ford. The mayor sai...
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Is Public Transit Actually Too Cheap?

Yes, that's right, cheap. To cross the 26-kilometer stretch of Toronto's core by public transit costs a meager $3. Head north on Yonge Street, the world's longest road, and a single subway fare up the 30 kilometre stretch to the city's northern reaches will still cost $3. To hop just one stop also costs $3. Twenty-five years ago the cost of the same journey by transit would be $1.20, a 150 per cent increase.

Tory To Ford: 'I Won The Election'

Mayor John Tory proved Tuesday that he'll say what he needs to when he feels one of his council colleagues is going too far, as he reminded Coun. Rob Ford on the floor of council about who is wearing...

Big City Mayors.. UNITE

TORONTO - Canada's big city mayors met on Thursday hoping to leverage a looming federal election into billions of dollars worth of commitments from Ottawa for transit, affordable housing and other big...