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Toronto Councillors See $86M Hole

A handful of city councillors say they're concerned about an $86-million hole in Mayor John Tory's proposed city budget. The problem is the province is pulling off the table money for housing and offe...
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The Homeless Will Keep Dying Until Affordable Housing Is a Priority

The four homeless men who lost their lives in Toronto over the past two weeks have brought much needed public attention to the city's affordable housing crisis. While the swift response of Mayor Tory and City Council are welcome indications of progress to come, it is crucial that we do not fail to see the forest for the trees. Emergency shelter systems in Toronto and across Ontario must receive more funding and supports, but permanent solutions to housing insecurity require an increased supply of affordable homes and secure supportive housing spaces.

Tory Aims To Modernize Toronto

Toronto Mayor John Tory is optimistic about what he'll be able to accomplish in his new job, but admits there are parts of life at city hall that have been "immensely frustrating." Jus...

Tory's Classy Gesture To Ford

TORONTO - Toronto's new mayor opened his first council meeting by thanking his ailing predecessor Rob Ford for his continued public service and wishing him a speedy recovery from cancer and return to...
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The TTC Should Only Help Fund Low-Income Riders

High quality public transit costs money. Someone needs to pay for it. At the moment, riders are paying a large portion of those costs. The City shouldn't change that. Someone working on Bay Street and living in King West probably doesn't need a free ride. But maybe someone at Jane and Finch needs a break on fares. A surgical approach is preferable to a blunt instrument.
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Toronto's Traffic Department Couldn't Be More Wrong About Lane Widths

While the City's traffic department sounds confident in its assertions, its recommended guidelines on lane widths are in stark contradiction to what we know from traffic engineering and safety studies. Narrower lane widths by default have higher accident rates. Even more disconcerting is the City's backgrounder on lane width guidelines, which states that traffic "throughput is independent of speed." Nothing could be more wrong about traffic flow than this statement.

Tory Is Jewish, Israeli Press Claims

John Tory is Jewish, even though he is a member of the United Church. This, is according an argument appearing in Friday's Times Of Israel newspaper. The article cites halacha, or Jewish law, to prove...

Tory To Reach Out To Ford Nation

TORONTO - Mayor-elect John Tory pledged Tuesday to reach out to large stretches of the city that shunned him at the ballot box, saying he would win over voters in what was Rob Ford's political home tu...

Tory Promises 'Fresh New Era'

TORONTO - A former CFL chairman and telecommunications executive who left the world of business for politics only to fall flat in both municipal and provincial elections could finally achieve his goal...

Tory Jabbed At Last Debate

Toronto's top three mayoral candidates focused on their transit plans and how they will fund them during their final debate before Monday's election. John Tory, Olivia Chow and Doug Ford at...

Chow: Tory's Numbers Don't Add Up

Mayoral candidate Olivia Chow continues to question details of opponent John Tory's transit plan, saying numbers contained in his funding plan for SmartTrack don't add up.   Chow released a...

Will Strategic Voting Sink Her?

When Olivia Chow jumped into the mayoral race this past March, she was perceived as a major contender, with many election wins under her belt and a long history in Toronto politics. Yet days before th...