SWAG Toronto Councillors Oppose Proposed Scarborough Subway

I respect the City Councillors Josh Matlow of St. Paul's ward and Gord Perks of Parkdale-High Park ward. It is just too bad they do not respect the wishes of the long-suffering residents of Scarborough who want and deserve a piece of the same subway/ transit benefits and opportunities that Matlow and Perks' own downtown Toronto constituents enjoy.

'Final Nail In The Coffin' On Bag Ban

Plastic bags appear set to remain a staple of Toronto shopping in the days ahead, as the public works and infrastructure committee voted Wednesday to shelve a report on options the city might pursue t...

Caught Playing Hookey

Mayor Rob Ford is playing defence again for putting football ahead of city hall business. Ford missed about two and a half hours of Thursday’s council meeting to attend a football game of the high sc...