Jully Black

The Queen of R&B, Jully Black, On Success [Video]

Jully Black, fondly known as Canada's "Queen of R&B," is a magnetic artist whose abundant energy is seemingly superhuman. In my interview with Black, I asked her what her key to success is. Her answer is not only reflective of a deeply spiritual woman who is striving to live her life's purpose, it is a lesson for us all:

Advice for a Country on Its Birthday

This week, HuffPost bloggers counted down to Canada Day with a series of short pieces about what they'd like to change about their home and native land. As you might imagine, the suggestions and wishes covered a wide range of territory -- from singer Jully Black's passionate plea that we support and celebrate the country's R&B soul artists, to chef Vikram Vij's wish for more experimenting with ethnic cuisines -- and food in general. I hope you'll sit back, put on some tunes, and take a few moments to check out all the ideas HuffPost contributors shared for keeping Canada strong and free.

The Musical Showcase That Puts the Spotlight on Canadian Girls

As a VJ on MuchMusic, I've shared the stage and interviewed many talented musicians, but when I was asked to host the 17th Annual Honey Jam Showcase on August 16, I was thrilled. Since 1995, Honey Jam has fostered some of the best female artists in our country. Phenomenal singers like Nelly Furtado, Reema Major, and Jully Black have all been discovered on the Honey Jam stage. I'm excited to introduce an eager audience to a new batch of magnificently talented women.