Why It's OK to Criticize the Supreme Court

At a time when the Prime Minister's public feud with the Chief Justice is prompting Harper-haters in both press and parliament alike to offer blind, slavish adulation to some mythical idea of a Supreme Court that is both never wrong and beyond criticism, it's worth recalling just how arbitrary and disputable many of that court's recent rulings have been.

Unprecedented Ruling On Way

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada is poised to deliver an unprecedented ruling later this week on whether Justice Marc Nadon is eligible to join its ranks.The top court will release a ruling Friday...

Advice On Appointment Didn't Come Cheap

The prime minister's controversial decision to appoint Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada hasn't come cheap. Anticipating debate over the nomination, the government sought to...

6 Key Questions

Canada's top court judges will hear arguments about the appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada on Wednesday, and their decision will ultimately reflect on the process of...