Justin Trudeau Donations


Trudeau Turns Cargo Shorts Into Political Leverage

In his most recent video where he thanks donors for their money, the Liberal leader Justin Trudeau looks like a college sophomore playing hacky sack in the quad. What Trudeau says in the video is of little import -- as so often with the aspiring prime minister -- but it's how he presents everything that makes this ad -- initially (and easily) thought to be a joke -- so downright clever.


OTTAWA - What a difference a few weeks, and a charismatic new leader, have made to the financial fortunes of the federal Liberal Party.After years of struggling to persuade supporters their money woul...

He's In The Money

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau has raised almost $600,000 during the first three months of his Liberal leadership campaign.That includes $125,000 donated by some 1,400 individuals in just the last three days...