Media Bites: I Wikipedia, Therefore I Am (Better Than You)

Everyone loves secrets. Everyone loves knowing something powerful or important that others don't. We cling to obscure knowledge and esoteric trivia for the idea that by knowing something concealed or contrarian you're a brave individualist unafraid to champion the challenging and subversive. There's only one problem: it's hard. So we create shortcuts.

I Helped Spread Kony2012 and Mike Daisey's Lies. So What?

Find me a movement for change that's pure in intention, unpolluted by self-interest. Mike Daisey's career may be in the toilet. Jason Russell was hospitalized, likely from being run over by the character-shredding bandwagon. We live in a world driven by self-interest and apathy. Is some action, however flawed, better than no action at all?

With or Without Kony, Child Soldiers Are on the March

Though the Kony 2012 threw them into the spotlight, there's nothing new or unusual about child soldiers. Ask any Canadian veteran who faced units of Hitler Youth towards the end of WWII, and you get an idea of how dangerous these kids were, how fearless and ferocious. Sometimes the only way to deal with them is to kill them.