Labour Force Survey


A New Perspective on the Unemployment Rate

I think Canada is doing well when you consider that most people who want to work can get a job -- somewhere -- doing something. Perhaps we're focused on the wrong thing. Maybe we should be looking at the other side of these numbers. Maybe we should rejoice in the fact that 92.8% of the labour force is working. Maybe it's time Canada developed a glass almost full kind of attitude. Maybe being a business owner is something more should consider because, after all, Canada is a land of opportunity.

Canada Adds HUGE Number Of Jobs

OTTAWA - After months of stagnant or even falling employment, Canada's economy has just had its biggest surge since before the last recession — adding 82,300 workers to the labour force in March.That'...

Another Month Of Job Losses In Canada

But instead, another 18,600 workers fell out of the labour pool last month — all and more of the part-time variety, and concentrated in the services sector and in Quebec. Statistics Canada noted that...

Canada Sheds 5,500 Jobs In August

OTTAWA - Statistics Canada says the country lost jobs for the first time in five months as the unemployment rate also edged up one tenth of a point to 7.3 per cent in August.The loss of jobs was small...