Lac Megantic Train Derailment


'Train From Hell'

LAC-MEGANTIC, - Like so many kids raised near railroads, youngsters in this Quebec town would count train wagons as they rumbled by and got a kick out watching the wheels flatten pennies they had plac...

The Week In Review: Adding Insult to Grave Injury in Lac-Megantic

The Rail World Inc., the company involved with the Lac-Megantic derailment, could use a lesson or two in public relations. It took company president Ed Burkhardt four days to get himself to Lac-Megantic, and he spent those days casting blame on the town's fire department and making bad jokes about having to wear a bulletproof vest whenever he did visit. A company's priority should be to take a respectful tone while providing a frank and honest assessment of its own role in an incident. That's not only the right and decent thing to do, it also happens to be a good business decision. It's a lesson Ed Burkhardt may be learning the hard way.

Is B.C. Safe?

A rail disaster in Lac Megantic, Que. that caused deadly explosions have people questioning the safety of oil transport on Canada's west coast. Five people are dead and about 40 remain missing after a...