Lake Erie Algae


Canada, Get Ready To Feel The Bite Of Climate Change

"If climate change is a shark, then water is its teeth." Like a fish that doesn't notice the shark until it feels its sharp bite, humans will first feel the effects of climate change through water. Under current projections, most freshwater ecosystems globally will face ecologically significant impacts by the middle of this century.
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How To Save Lake Erie

Over the last decade we've seen an alarming decrease in the water quality of Lake Erie. The biggest issue facing the lake right now is the increasing number and size of harmful algal blooms -- which are caused largely from an excess amount of the nutrient phosphorous flowing into the lake.

How to Tackle Lake Erie's Algae Problem

Phosphorus is a key nutrient in aquatic systems, but excess phosphorous is the leading cause of the increase in the harmful blue-green algae that is becoming more common in the Great Lakes. Toxic and harmful algal bloom occurrences in Lake Erie pose risks to drinking supplies, quality of life and economic vitality.


A scientist at the International Joint Commission said massive algae blooms on Lake Erie are becoming "very difficult to control." Algae blooms are caused by an elevated level of phosphorus...