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How Much Does it Cost to be a Liberal These Days?

The first impediment to ascension the Ol' Boys' Club -- or the Liberal Party -- has imposed is a hefty $75,000 entry fee to run for Party Leader. That's 65 per cent more than the national income average or what most of us call "a small fortune." Is this a way for a third place party to renew interest with the Canadian people? A party that's lost its compass is doomed to lose the legions voters who have strayed outside the once broad LPC umbrella.

Former PM Picks The Next Liberal Leader

Former prime minister John Turner says the once-mighty Liberal Party must rebuild from the bottom up and the middle out – and he believes Justin Trudeau is a solid contender to lead the charge. Turne...

It's A Date For The Liberal Leadership

The Liberal Party leadership vote will be held in April 2013, the party president says, with the precise date to be confirmed over the summer. Mike Crawley's announcement, which was made on the Liber...