Lena Dunham Nudity


Being a Public Figure Doesn't Make Your Body Public Property

Two things really pissed me off this week. The first is the response to Lisa Boncheck Adams' battle with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. The second is Lena Dunham's apparent unacceptable and random naked body. They are public figures, and that seems to entitle whoever feels they have value to add, to have a go at them.
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Why Real Men Love the Bodies of Melissa McCarthy and Lena Dunham

When Rex Reed referred to the lovely Melissa McCarthy in his review of her latest movie as "tractor-sized, humongous, and female hippo", he clearly crossed the line from film critic, to self-appointed arbiter of female beauty. And he's wrong. During the same week, certain commentators on the internet were also taking potshots at the latest episode of "Girls", saying it was too unrealistic to believe that a hot stud like Patrick Wilson would have sex with such a plain, pudgy woman like Lena Dunham. But guys want to be with women who are comfortable in their own skin. And who want to get naked with us. And be adventurous with us. There is perfection in a woman's imperfections.