Lena Dunham's Sexy Magazine Cover

You won't be reading any complaints from us about Lena Dunham's new Glamour cover! After causing a bit of controversy with her much-heralded Vogue cover, the "Girls" star looks gorgeous on Glamour's A...

Music Video Shows Perils Of Photoshop

The perils of Photoshop have finally made it into a music video. Hungarian musician Boggie (real name Csemer Boglarka) released a video for her song "Nouveau Parfum" in December which shows her litera...

Vogue Only Likes Lena Dunham From the Neck Up

When Lena Dunham's Vogue cover was released on Wednesday, I couldn't hide my disappointment. There was Lena, looking beautiful but we didn't get to see if she was wearing pants or a skirt or maybe even shorts --- or nothing at all! -- because the editors decided to use a close-up shot of the Girls actress. My problem with Lena's Vogue cover, Mindy's Elle cover and all the others is this: Continually refusing to show an average woman's body on the cover of fashion magazines sets a dangerous precedent for future covers. It gives off a mixed message: Yes, we want cool, smart, funny gals on our covers but their bodies aren't good enough to show off.

Lena Dunham Lands First Vogue Cover

Seems like Lena Dunham's friendship with Anna Wintour paid off because the "Girls" star just landed her first ever Vogue cover! The photo, which was released Wednesday, shows the 27-year-old doing her...