6 Things Liberals Got Out Of The Convention

The Liberals' three-day policy convention was a chance for rank and file party members to get used to a reborn version of their party. It was the first mass meeting of supporters since Justin Tru...

'We Are Not Going To Be Raising Taxes'

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he did not actively court retired lieutenant-general Andrew Leslie but he's happy the veteran chose to join the Liberal Party. Trudeau, in a wide-ranging inter...

No Tax Hikes, But Maybe Deficits

MONTREAL — Justin Trudeau will not raise taxes, but he may run deficits. And that’s OK with many of the candidates who want to carry the Liberal party’s banner during the next federal election. Scott...
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The NDP Are Losers Again

Whomever is in charge of event scheduling for the federal New Democrats ought to be fired today -- how in heavens did the NDP wind up holding its all-important policy convention on the same weekend the Liberals were to crown their new leader? Were Christmas eve and day already booked at the convention centre?