Tories Say Trudeau Pushing Weed To Kids

The Conservative government is accusing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau of pushing pot at kids, while at the same time launching a $1.3 billion free market in medical marijuana. On Friday, Public Safety...

What Do You Have Against Tim Hortons?!

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau doesn't drink coffee. And that revelation may have put a Canadian spin on the "who'd you like to have a beer with" question. HuffPost Canada's Althia Raj reported that t...

Trudeau Liberals Launch Pot Petition

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau got tongues wagging when he expressed his support for marijuana legalization during a recent swing through British Columbia. Though he didn’t really say anything new — Tr...
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Why Liberals Should Support Legalizing Pot

The Liberal Party needs to brand itself unambiguously as being the only political party in Canada that is both socially progressive and fiscally responsible. Legalizing marijuana means we'll be spending time and resources chasing real criminals so we can truly ensure safe streets and communities.

Confessions of a Medical Marijuana User: Part One

I'm a 39-year-old law-abiding citizen. I work in banking. I don't speed, I've never gotten a parking ticket and jaywalking makes me uncomfortable. While I make no judgment of people who use marijuana recreationally, I have never been one of them -- my drug of choice has always been a nice glass of wine. So how did I get here?