Linda Mcquaig

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Stephen Harper Forgets His Own Pledge to End Fossil Fuel Use

If the recent frufrah over NDP candidate Linda McQuaig's comment that "a lot of the oilsands oil may have to stay in the ground" is indicative of anything, it's that Canada's election cycle is in full spin. May all reasonableness and sensible dialogue and accountability be damned. Perhaps that's the blunt and singular reason behind the Conservative Party and Stephen Harper's outrage at McQuaig's entirely non-contentious assertion that, because of our international commitments to curtail global climate change, Canada won't exploit the entirety of its oil reserves.

Bob Rae, Rosedale and Rosa Parks

Why is Bob Rae using a "back of the bus" analogy to defend his million-dollar mansion club? Does he realize that a number of Torontonians, and a number of voters, are indeed outsiders when it comes to this level of wealth and privilege? Borrowing the cloak of the less-fortunate to feign victimhood is too much to bear.

NDP And Freeland: Fans To Foes

OTTAWA — The NDP and the Liberals may be locked in nasty war of words in the Toronto Centre by-election but New Democrats were big fans of Chrystia Freeland before she became the Grit candidate. NDP...

Mulcair Says No To Wealth Tax

OTTAWA - NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is throwing cold water on the idea of his party raising taxes on the wealthy if it forms government even though a star candidate in Toronto supports such a tax hike.The...

Byelection A Bellwether For 2015

TORONTO - The New Democrats and Liberals will elect their candidates for the upcoming byelection in a downtown Toronto riding Sunday, setting the stage for an epic battle in the next general election....

Media Bites: Linda McQuaig Is Exactly What the NDP Doesn't Need

The NDP recently announced the candidacy of Linda McQuaig in the Toronto Centre byelection. The trouble with McQuaig is that she's one of the most iconic far-left cranks working in the Canadian punditscape today, and therefore a candidate that single-handedly flushes down the john any NDP aspirations of claiming the pragmatic middle of Canadian politics. If you can envision a cartoonishly extreme left-wing position on something, chances are Linda McQuaig's taken it over the years.