Line Beauchamp


Line Beauchamp Acts Like a Grown-Up. Why Won't the Students?

On Wednesday, Quebec's education minister resigned claiming she was no longer helping to solve the problems. Her admission is honest, introspective and poignant, but above all, it is something an adult would do. Conversely, as the protests continue, violence and vandalism has become increasingly commonplace as protesters become ever more uncompromising and antagonistic.

Meet The New Education Minister

Quebec's new education minister, Michelle Courchesne, has called representatives of student groups and post-secondary institutions to two separate meetings set for Tuesday morning, in her first move a...

Quebec Education Minister Steps Down

QUEBEC - Quebec's education minister and deputy premier resigned from politics Monday in a bombshell announcement that came amid months of student-related unrest.Education Minister Line Beauchamp said...

End To Quebec Student Strike Near?

Quebec's education minister said she has reached an "agreement in principle" to potentially end the province's student strike launched three months ago to fight planned increases in tuition fees. In...

Student Leaders Heckled By More Students

MONTREAL - Divisions in Quebec's protest movement erupted into public view Tuesday, with masked demonstrators disrupting a news conference held by the province's more moderate student groups. The biza...

Students Walk Out On Talks

Demonstrators and police clashed in downtown Montreal Wednesday after student group leaders abandoned talks with Quebec's education minister aimed at resolving an impasse over the government's propose...

Quebec Minister Calls For Truce

Talks between Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp and representatives of four student groups were expected to continue into Tuesday, after striking students agreed — in a fashion — to a 48-hour t...

Man Accused Of Threatening Cabinet Minister

MONTREAL - Quebec police say they have arrested a man in connection with an alleged Internet threat against a provincial cabinet minister.Provincial police say two other investigations are also underw...