Long Term Care

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Health-Care Policies Have Stranded My Mother In A Hospital

She has been stuck living at this hospital with no medical reason to be there while she waits for a long-term care room to become available. This scenario is so common nowadays that a new category of care had to be defined to describe the status of patients such as my mother: Alternate Level of Care (ALC). I would like to make it clear that the hospital itself is a fine facility. Everyone does their best but no amount of smiles and professional check ins can smooth over the failure of health-care policies that have left her stranded here.
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Our Next Government Needs to Step Up Support for Long-Term Care

So what are the choices for those with elderly parents? Having adult children stepped up to their responsibility to take care of the seniors at home thereby sacrificing their career, hopes and dreams, or neglecting the seniors with inadequate care compounding the physical and mental suffering of those who cared for us when we were unable to take care of ourselves? Neither choice is acceptable. We are proposing an innovative way to find a solution to this problem.
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The Serious Legal Problem With Do-Not-Recuscitate Policies

The need for people also to make advance directives (often called living wills) and to discuss them with family is greater than ever as medical technology advances, but there is a serious legal problem. You may have an advance directive signed in perfect health clearly stating your wishes, but if and when you become incompetent, current law in some provinces permits your next of kin or power of attorney to ignore it. Surely new legislation must recognize and prevent this potential abuse that most people would find offensive and unacceptable.

Long-Term Care Fees Spike

EDMONTON - The Alberta government is raising accommodation charges for residents of long-term care facilities by five per cent beginning Jan. 1.Health Minister Fred Horne says that increase will be of...

A Canadian Psychiatrist in the U.S. Health Care System

Canadian health care is not a perfect system by any means, but having practised psychiatry in the United States as well, I have an pretty good idea about the differences between the Canadian and American health care systems. Since I've returned to Toronto, I've seen the benefits of the Canadian health care system up close. I'm proud to be a Canadian, knowing that my tax dollars are being put to good use.