Mandela Funeral

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How Mandela Shaped My Response to Discrimination

When I moved to Canada from South Africa I thought living in this country had opportunities that people in other places could only dream of. However now I know it's not without its own problems. In my years here, I've been told three times to "go back home," was informed by a major national daily newspaper they couldn't hire me because I didn't have Canadian experience and was rudely told by a well-known tire company employee that "In this country, we pay taxes." I have used lessons from Madiba to fight injustice. My stories pale in to insignificance compared to what others experienced in our own backyard.
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What Mandela Would Have Wanted

As the tributes continue to pour in, I wonder whether Mandela would want us to spend our time mourning him rather than working our differences towards a common goal. Mandela, known for his ability to unite quite diametrically opposed parties, leaves the planet at time where partisan behaviour seems to be only getting worse.