Why Do We Still Allow Religious Schools to Bully Gay Kids?

Since Manitoba's religious schools receive over 50 per cent of their funding from the province, they are all being mandated to comply with the proposed legislation: Bill 18 -- required to implement an anti-bullying strategy that includes gay-straight alliances. Our rights cannot exist in a vacuum, isolated from the reality around them. Rights engage with other rights. Not only does our Charter have a built-in provision to permit the limiting of rights in certain situations, but also, the transactional nature of our public lives dictates that different rights will come into contact other rights. Those who oppose Bill 18 should read the Charter in its entirety; it doesn't stop at freedom of religion, nor is there a hierarchy of rights.
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People in southern Manitoba and northern Ontario on Sunday continued to cope with a blistering winter storm that has brought with it snow and freezing rain. Road conditions continued to hamper gettin...

The Small Town Where Seniors Rule

Five years ago, Residents were leaving in droves and the town of Gladstone, Manitoba, made up in large part by seniors, was dying. Then, Gladstone Mayor Eileen Clark overhauled the town's planning strategy. Soon Gladstone had a new privately-funded housing project, an enhanced handi-transit service, and the building of an "age-friendly" walking trail, along with more community events and partnerships between organizations. Property values have increased exponentially

Why I Didn't Vote

I wasn't too busy. I didn't forget. I wasn't even one of those principled abstainers who dutifully spoil a ballot in vague protest. I just didn't bother voting. I know my view is not popular, but I doubt I'm the only one.

Manitoba Parties Are Ignoring the Real Issues

Manitoba doesn't need the provincial government to provide five new police officers in Brandon, or boutique tax credits aimed at every conceivable demographic group. Politicians need to fundamentally rethink the economic model on which the province operates.

Will Canada's Hydropower Boom Help Cool the Climate?

Leaders in the Canadian hydropower industry believe North America can dam its way to a cooler climate, but some experts say that continual increases in energy supply -- whatever the source -- are not the optimal response to the climate crunch. The answer is not more energy, but much more efficient use of it.

Manitoba Prepares For The Worst

CBC -- Canadian Forces personnel will join flood-fighting efforts in Souris, Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger announced Saturday. "The Town of Souris asked the provincial government for additional resou...

More Floods For Manitoba?

CBC -- Officials in Manitoba are scrambling to shore up flood defences, before a major rain storm descends on waterlogged areas of the province Sunday night. The weather system is expected to bring 30...