Christinne Muschi / Reuters

The NDP Is Heading To Edmonton Looking For A Way Out

This weekend, the NDP is meeting in Edmonton to decide their direction moving forward. Eugene Levy once complained about filming a season of SCTV in Edmonton because "It's Edmonton." While I'm sure it's a great city, this is a party who is dreading at the Big E. The election of the past year saw an early lead blown, notable key members of the party lose their seats in the House of Commons, and a third place finish for Tom Mulcair's rookie federal election run. As the NDP head to the Gateway to the North, it's time to begin paving the highway towards the future.

Conservatives Losing Ground

Conservative support is down across much of Canada and the party ranks behind the Liberals and NDP on their perceived ability to handle many issues, a new poll unveiled Friday suggests. The poll, con...

NDP Wants Spy Watchdog Out Of Manning Centre

Chuck Strahl, the former Conservative cabinet minister who now chairs the Security Intelligence Review Committee, should not also be serving as a director for Calgary's Manning Centre, the NDP says....

Public to Politicians: Is it Just You, or Is it Me?

On Friday, the Manning Centre released their annual poll on Canadians' attitudes towards various policy issues and government's performance more generally. If I were a politician, these stats would make me want to enter some form of image makeover and/or rehabilitation program, pronto.