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Finding Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth

Earlier this summer, Canada's first transitional housing dedicated to LGBT youth opened in Toronto--the YMCA's Sprott House. Reading about this great initiative raised our awareness about an issue that needs to be on the radar of all Canadians -- the unacceptable rate of LGBT youth who have no place to call home. LGBT youth become homeless for much of the same reasons as other young people -- family conflict, abuse, mental health issues and addiction. LGBT youth also experience higher rates of mental health and addiction issues in large part because of discrimination.
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The Problem With Schools in Haiti

Last year we wrote about this Haitian school program and the hope it held for Haitian families. Many of the free schools are not housed in their own permanent structures but in spaces loaned by churches or community groups. Some of these groups now refuse to host the schools because of poor upkeep -- for example vandalism by students, a side-effect of the often-absent teachers.