Media Bites: Garneau Was Always Miss Congeniality to Trudeau's Beauty Queen

It took two days and five rounds of voting for the cardinals to elect Pope Francis; it will probably take about 15 minutes for the Grits to install Justin Trudeau. Once Justin's leadership destiny looked sealed, the press collectively agreed that Garneau's role in this particular play would be Miss Congeniality: the loveable runner up, who, while not exactly tiara-and-sash material, could still provoke genuine pity in losing. As a potential prime minister, Garneau was always overrated.

Why Didn't Marc Garneau Take His Own Advice?

It was Marc Garneau who was recently saying, "we cannot wait until after the leadership race is over to find out what we signed up for." These comments were, of course, pointed squarely at Garneau's leading opponent in the Grit's leadership race, Justin Trudeau. But what do we do when our father-figure departs from his own wisdom?

He's OUT

OTTAWA — Marc Garneau dropped out of the federal Liberal leadership race on Wednesday and threw his support to front-runner Justin Trudeau, declaring the outcome “a fait accompli.” Trudeau got another...