Marc Nadon


MacKay Won't Make Nadon Repay Salary

OTTAWA - The justice minister's office says the government won't make Marc Nadon repay any monies he collected during his ill-fated appointment to the high court.The elevation of Nadon from the Federa...

Harper: I Did Nothing Wrong

OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he ignored a legal caution from Canada's chief justice on the eligibility of a potential Supreme Court nominee last summer because to listen to such advice...

PMO Exposes Unprecedented Spat

OTTAWA - The Prime Minister's Office exposed an unprecedented public spat with the chief justice of the Supreme Court on Thursday, issuing a statement suggesting Stephen Harper refused to accept a pho...

Tories Ignore Calls To Rule Out Nadon

OTTAWA - Justice Minister Peter MacKay says there are a number of qualified Quebec candidates who could be appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada.But three days after the country's top court rejecte...

Harper's Supreme Court Pick BLOCKED

OTTAWA - Stephen Harper has come almost full circle.The Conservative prime minister who came to office in 2006 cautioning against the power of the courts suffered a political body blow Friday from the...

Unprecedented Ruling On Way

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada is poised to deliver an unprecedented ruling later this week on whether Justice Marc Nadon is eligible to join its ranks.The top court will release a ruling Friday...

6 Key Questions

Canada's top court judges will hear arguments about the appointment of Justice Marc Nadon to the Supreme Court of Canada on Wednesday, and their decision will ultimately reflect on the process of...

Constitutional BATTLE

OTTAWA - Everything from the parsing of verb tenses to the intentions of the framers of the failed Meech Lake constitutional accord was tossed into the hopper Wednesday as lawyers argued over the comp...

Tories 'Knew This Was An Issue': Prof

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada is set to begin grappling with an extraordinary first in its 139-year history: adjudicating the rules for the appointment of one of its own.The sitting justices he...

Why Marc Nadon Was Not Fairly Appointed to the Supreme Court

The controversy over Marc Nadon's appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada reached an important milestone late last month, when the Attorney General of Canada filed its written argument for the upcoming Reference. Unsurprisingly, it says that the Supreme Court Act, properly interpreted, permits Nadon's elevation to the Court. I disagree.

He's Already Moved Into Building

OTTAWA - The Supreme Court of Canada's newest nominee already has an office amongst his colleagues despite the fact that his appointment is being contested in court.Two sources tell The Canadian Press...