Maria Kang

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We Don't Need "Excuses" for How We Look

"We Don't Need An Excuse" is not about attacking Maria Kang. It goes well beyond her and focuses on the "No Excuses" movement. It's about realizing that we all walk different paths and have different challenges. We are all worthy and we are all valid. No one needs to give any excuses. I think that's the inspiration I'd like to get on board with.
Kevin Moore

Here's My "Excuse," Maria Kang

By now, we've all seen the fitspiration mom of the year who "unknowingly" unleashed all kinds of fat shaming rage across the world. The family photo of her toned body with her three children asks "Whats your excuse?" Because she asked, I'm happy to answer, and perhaps someday she will see that its not as simple as everyone wants to believe.

My Story of Fat Shaming and Being Bullied

My original plan for this article was to talk about fat shaming. I was going to do it based on the viral photo of Maria Kang. Fortunately for me and my writing career, I got publicly made fun of and had my integrity questioned. All thanks to one tweet, from someone I don't know, here we are. Instead of fighting, I decided on a different approach. Here's a unique perspective on fat shaming and bullying... mine.
Maria Kang

Why I Don't Want to Be a "Fit-Mom" Anymore

This morning, a friend of mine sent me what's now become the infamous photo of fitness trainer and uber lean and toned mother of three Maria Kang, with the caption "What's your excuse?" I was a hard bodied, fit looking mother of two and it's because I've been there that I am so frustrated by the myth it represents. What's my excuse? Here are just a few.