Marijuana Legalization


Police Mull Changing Criminal Charges

WINNIPEG - Canada's top cops say handing out tickets for illegal possession of small amounts of marijuana could be more efficient than laying criminal charges.Delegates at the Canadian Association of...

Trudeau is on the Right Side of Marijuana Debate

When Justin Trudeau announced to a crowd in BC that he supported the legalization of marijuana, he took a brave, yet proper stance on the wasteful, and tyrannical war on marijuana. Marijuana criminalization has ruined lives, and has distracted law enforcement into wasting their time and resources on a personal activity that shouldn't be a crime. Trudeau is on the side of common sense while the Conservatives are on the side of insanity, ignorance, and foolishness.

Rallying The Troops

A new group pushing for the non-enforcement of marijuana laws and appealing to the federal government for decriminalization held its first organizing session in Surrey, B.C., last night. Sensible B.C...

Legalizing Weed In B.C.

April 20, 2013. The air around the Vancouver Art Gallery is thick with pot smoke. It's the annual 4/20 rally, once a fringe event whose attendance has grown 1,000-fold since its inception. On the gall...
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6 Reasons BC's Pot Laws Need to Change

Common political views on cannabis control have always painted as a federal responsibility, but it can be resolved at the provincial level. A moratorium on the enforcement of simple possession of cannabis would be an entirely reasonable initiative, clearly supported by a majority of the province's citizens.
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It's Adrian Dix's Destiny to Legalize Marijuana

He may not know it yet, but Adrian Dix will be the Premier who presides over the decriminalization and then legalization of marijuana in BC. The reason I know this is because of the 420 Code. Although Dix isn't particularly pro-pot, he does say he supports decriminalization. It's not an issue he feels comfortable talking about and usually he takes the easy route and passes the buck to the federal government.
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HIGH TIMES For B.C. Business

SURREY, B.C. - Business has been smokin' at one hydroponics shop and warehouse in Surrey, B.C., ever since two U.S. states legalized the possession of marijuana through ballot initiatives last Novembe...

Is Weed a Gateway to Other Legal Drugs in Canada?

The legalization or decriminalization of marijuana has become a nonpartisan solution so blatantly obvious that only misguided moral opposition remains. And while there is still some way to go before marijuana is legalized in Canada, this eventual feat should be a gateway for the legalization of other currently prohibited substances. If the legalization of marijuana can be accepted by the Canadian populace, the legalization of all drugs should be as well. Taboos, fear, and moral opposition should not prevent the government from taking the rational scientific steps necessary to solving the drug crisis.
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B.C. Pot Petition Up In Smoke

VANCOUVER - A B.C. marijuana activist has withdrawn his petition to decriminalize pot, saying he will spend the next 10 months gathering volunteers and support before submitting it again.Elections BC...
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B.C. Missing Out On Billions?

VANCOUVER - It's a bounty that almost does grow on trees.A new study has rung in British Columbians' pot purchases at about half a billion dollars each year, leading its pro-legalization researchers t...

Hazy Days Ahead For B.C. Bud

VANCOUVER - The future appears hazy for British Columbia's thriving underground pot industry, even as two U.S. states have voted to allow citizens to legally use the drug recreationally.Business conse...

B.C. Pot Charges Jump

A recent report on British Columbia crime trends shows the number of marijuana possession charges continues to climb, despite the fact many British Columbians want to
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Marijuana and the Election: Time to Start Asking Blunt Questions

On November 6, three states have on their ballots the outright legalization of marijuana -- Washington, Oregon and Colorado. So far, support is strong and bipartisan. The last such vote occurred in 2010 in California where a state-sanctioned referendum on legalization narrowly lost. So you may not hear about the marijuana issue in debates or from the campaign stump, and in polls, but people south of the border are taking the matter into their own hands.

Time To Legalize, Tax BC Marijuana

Today, under cannabis prohibition, youth have easier access to marijuana than alcohol or tobacco. As a law enforcement leader and former minister of public safety who has spent more than 33 years creating and enforcing laws, I know that a strictly regulated marijuana market for adult cannabis use would better protect youth through the use of regulatory tools that have proven so effective in reducing tobacco use. The taxes resulting from a regulated cannabis market could support our most important public programs, including health and education. Rather than enforcing unworkable laws that breed violence, police would be free to focus on laws that actually protect citizens and improve public safety.

End Prohibition, Mayors Demand

VANCOUVER - Mayors from eight B.C. communities have added their voices to calls to the provincial government to regulate and tax marijuana as part of a strategy to end gang violence and make communiti...