Marijuana Legalization


BIG Problems At Government Grow-Op

CALGARY - The same sort of dangers and health risks lurking in illegal marijuana grow-ops have been discovered at a federally approved medical marijuana operation.Inspectors in Calgary executed a warr...

Youth Rocked the Liberal Convention

This did not look like a party on the brink of extinction. Young Liberals at the convention should be proud of their role and organizing ability. Their success should bolster efforts of many to educate young Canadians on the importance of our democracy and their voice within it.
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Support For Legalizing Pot Grows

B.C.'s medical health officers are joining a powerful coalition of health, academic and justice experts calling for an overhaul of Canada's anti-drug policies. In a written statement, the Health Offi...

Legalize Pot To Hurt Gangs: Experts

A coalition of prominent B.C. police officers, health professionals, legal experts and academics is calling for the legalization and regulated sale of marijuana. The group Stop the Violence, which in...