Martha Hall Findlay


Hall Findlay Won't Run In 2015

OTTAWA - Martha Hall Findlay, who twice sought the leadership of the federal Liberals, says she won't run in the 2015 election.In a newsletter to supporters, Hall Findlay says after a decade that incl...

A Virtual Shoo-In

OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau is vowing to usher in a generational shift in Canadian politics — younger, more hopeful, less negative — after winning the federal Liberal leadership by a landslide Sunday.And...

Cast Your Ballots

TORONTO - Liberals have begun casting ballots to choose a leader they hope will guide them out of the political wilderness.Voting began shortly after the six leadership contenders made their final sal...

The Day's Biggest Winners..

The six remaining Liberal leadership contenders made their final pitches to Grits today and said goodbye to outgoing, interim leader, Bob Rae. The event featured 25-minute speeches from front-runner J...

Why Didn't Marc Garneau Take His Own Advice?

It was Marc Garneau who was recently saying, "we cannot wait until after the leadership race is over to find out what we signed up for." These comments were, of course, pointed squarely at Garneau's leading opponent in the Grit's leadership race, Justin Trudeau. But what do we do when our father-figure departs from his own wisdom?

Tweaking Their Image For The Big Show

OTTAWA - When Delilah cut off Samson's flowing mane in the Bible story, it was all downhill from there.Justin Trudeau is banking the reverse will be true for him, that a decidedly more conservative lo...

Liberal Long Shot Deserted

OTTAWA - Long-shot contender David Bertschi has been deserted by his campaign team as the Liberal leadership race heads down the home stretch.The Ottawa lawyer insists he's still a candidate and will...

Why Is Milk So Darn Expensive? A Debate on Supply Management

When it comes to food prices, Canadians often complain about paying too much. Who or what is to blame? Martha Hall Findlay points the finger at the supply management (SM) system. But Richard Doyle says SM has little to do with the price of milk -- it just benefits the economy. What do you think? Have a look at what Hall Findlay and Doyle have to say in our online debate. Then decide whose case is more persuasive, and cast your vote...

Hall Findlay Apologizes To Trudeau

TORONTO - Liberal leadership hopeful Martha Hall Findlay is apologizing to Justin Trudeau for suggesting he's a wealthy elitist out of touch with the middle class.She went after the perceived front-ru...

Liberal Candidates Debate In Winnipeg

WINNIPEG - It was billed as a debate, but the two plush chairs on stage made it clear Saturday's Liberal leadership event would not be your typical candidates' battle.The nine contenders never squared...

Who Won The Liberal Rumble?

VANCOUVER - Liberal leadership hopefuls sparred Sunday over an existential issue for their once mighty party: can it win the next election on its own or does it need to join forces with other progress...

Liberal Hopeful Calls For HIKE In GST

OTTAWA - Liberal leadership hopeful Martha Hall Findlay called Thursday for an eventual increase in the GST, warning against letting her party's policies be dictated by fear of the Conservative attack...

To The Right, To The Right

OTTAWA - Federal Liberals long ago abandoned the cardinal rule of success handed down by late Grit rainmaker Keith Davey: "Revere the leader."As they prepare to choose their fourth leader (sixth, coun...

Liberals, Bold Ideas Will Get You Everywhere

Since the 1990s it has become less about who one's grandparents voted for and more about ideas and principles, what a party stands for, as a clearer left-right spectrum has emerged. Liberals can be the party that is not afraid to push the limits of political debate with bold ideas. It is a new political terrain for the party, one that will necessitate a greater need to define what exactly "Liberalism" is.

Embracing Nexen Deal? Trudeau Prefers Shock Factor to Leadership

Why do political handlers confuse contrarianism with "substance"? The Justin Trudeau campaign, keen to put to bed allegations of its candidate being a lightweight, just put out an opinion piece embracing the takeover of Nexen by China's state owned CNOOC. Unexpected, eh? It must therefore be substantive. Who knows, a real debate about Canada with real options beyond the current narrow bandwidth may open up and engage Canadians in politics again. Goodness knows that what's currently on offer isn't exactly inspiring.

Media Bites: Liberal Race? More Like a Cakewalk, Am I Right?

Avid news junkies know there's really five other folks "running," but c'mon folks, this is the leadership of the Liberal Party you're running for, a job only the most eminently experienced children of dead prime ministers are qualified to fill. In reality, of course, Wednesday was a date like any other for a nation that's already been toiling under the weight of a Liberal leadership tournament ever since Bob Rae stepped down last June, or at latest since that crisp October evening when Justin Trudeau threw his shimmering locks into the ring.

Could The Liberals Win In 2015?

OTTAWA - Former prime minister Paul Martin predicts the humbled federal Liberal party will re-emerge as a force to contend with by the time of the next election in just three years.Many Liberals, incl...

I See Canada From a Bus, Not Airplane

I am not an MP, and I do not come from the Ottawa bubble, and I do not believe that Canadians think the job criteria for a politician is being a politician. I want to bring a fresh and new approach to politics, one that is welcoming, inclusive, and values each individual for their contribution. I have recently driven across the country, not flown over it as many politicians tend to do. I have stopped in smaller towns and cities and talked to folks, and actually listened to them. When you do that, you hear what it is that actually concerns Canadians, and it also gives me a chance to share my vision of Canada with them.